Man Wins $60 Million After Playing The Same Lottery Numbers For Over 20 Years

Man Wins $60m After Playing The Same Lucky Numbers For Over 20 Years
Mans Wins $60 After Playing The Same Lottery Numbers For Over 20 Years

This is a clear story of how consistency and belief can change anyone’s life for good. Mr Bon Truong is a Canadian man who migrated from Vietnam in 1983. According to reports, he said he got his winning numbers from the combination of important dates and family events — 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 20 and 30. After a few decades of playing those numbers, he’s a multimillionaire, according to a press release from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC).

According to CNN Bon says he knew his numbers were winners, regardless of the time frame! After 20 years of playing the same numbers, he can now show and prove what he has been saying all along. But Truong then waited 10 months to claim the cash, and said he did so because ‘he felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of his win.

 Truong was so stunned by his luck that he went to his local store and asked the clerk to print out the winning numbers, just so he could see them in black and white. He then took them home, and spent hours staring at the slip of paper, according to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. Truong said: ‘I started to think about what this win would mean for my family.


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