Instant Lottery Games You Do Not Need To Be A Guru To Play

A lot of people still have reservations about playing lottery. Most time, this stems from simple troubles like the inability to understand how the game works. In this post we will be telling you how lottery works and the easiest games to play as a starter so you can earn more money.



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Easiest Lottery Game To Play

JUROYE; This is one of the easiest games to play on . With just N100 the instant game requires you to put in 5 numbers which must match 15 chosen numbers to win N20,000 instantly. To play, start here

9JA MEGA INSTANT; This is another instant lottery game from that allows you make a whooping sum of N250,000 with just N100. All you have to do is match 6 out of 42 numbers. To play, start here .


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